Barry Trotz: A Candidate To Be The Next General Manager Of The Sharks?

Since Barry Trotz was ousted by the islanders, his name has been widely circulated in the NHL. After all, we are talking about a highly respected coach, who has won in the past and proven himself. When these hockey heads are available, they are coveted.

In Winnipeg, for example, a local brewery announced that it would give Trotz free beer for the rest of his life if he decided to come and train the Jets in his hometown of Manitoba. nothing less.

However, there are some rumors that Trotz may be looking to an executive rather than a coaching position as his next job. Trotz has never confirmed or denied these rumors, which means his name is spread almost everywhere in the NHL today.

Today, however, Jeff Marek brought up a left-field idea that makes sense on paper: What if Trotz were a candidate to become the Sharks’ next general manager?

Marek supports this idea with three arguments: Sharks want to think outside the box to find their next year manager, very few candidates that Sharks consider currently have management experience and rumors that Trotz eventually wants a position in the offices rather than behind a bench.

Note, however, that this is just an idea: Marek does not rely on the information in this regard.

On the merits, Marek’s arguments hold together and make sense. If Trotz really wants a managerial position, the sharks are right to care. However, is it a good idea to be named CEO when he doesn’t necessarily have experience as a leader? If paired with an experienced GM, it gets interesting, on the other hand.

Remember, the Sharks were also going to talk to Allain Roy, the players agent who notably represents Jake Allen, for their position as GM. Is Trotz also part of the process? We will likely know more in the coming weeks…

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