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Eric LaFrancois

Eric LaFrancois
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The last temptation

My Mazda lease ends in June 2023. I’m tempted to buy a Honda HR-V. However, I only have 20,000 km on the clock. Would it be a better CX-3 to buy for 2019? Its remaining value is $10,200. I am 84 years old and this will be my last car.

Antoinette H.

I don’t wish this was your last car, but why not keep the one you have now? The HR-V is undergoing a major overhaul this year (reliability will be proven) and there will definitely be a waiting time before you can get it. Your current vehicle has a very low mileage, seems to suit your needs (the HR-V is a direct competitor to the CX-3) and the residual value is low. You should buy it and take care of its maintenance.

The answer itself

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Nissan Qashqai

I have a Nissan Qashqai 2019 that is leased for delivery in September 2023. It will have approximately 30 thousand kilometers. Should I return it at the end of my contract, repurchase it or resell it myself? The remaining value is 12,519 dollars.

Ginot R.

The answer is within you. Does Qashqai still meet your needs? Have you carefully taken care of its maintenance? If you answered yes to both questions, yes, you should buy it. If not, you should start your research and apply with a dealer a few months before your lease ends. The current shortage, according to several analysts consulted, is likely to continue through the fourth quarter of 2023.

change of guard

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Toyota Corolla Hatchback

I need to change my car that I love, a 2012 Mazda 5. I have always kept my vehicle for 9 or 10 years (about 140,000 km) by having an extended warranty of up to 6 or 7 years. I have a fondness for Japanese products, which have always brought me satisfaction. Now that I’ve been retired for three years, I do about the same miles, because I go out a lot and go back and forth between Quebec and Florida, where I spend my winters. My needs are hatchback body for cargo space, comfort for long trips, driving aids, low gas mileage, low purchase cost, visibility from all angles, and most importantly, reliability. I also need to install a rear hitch for my bike stand. I’ve gotten rid of many of the big vehicles that I liked (CX-5 and CR-V) because they are expensive and have high consumption. I consider the Mazda3 Sport hatchback, Honda Civic LX hatchback, and Subaru Impreza. Can you guide me? I ditched the hybrids, which I love, because the lead times are too long and I want them by October before I leave for Florida.

Daniel O.

In the current context, delivery for October is not necessarily guaranteed. You will need to inquire about the situation with your agent. However, all of your choices hold up well. Mazda is more fuel efficient, and Civic hatchback is fun to drive (like Mazda), but it’s pricey. As for the Impreza, it’s reliable, but do you need a full-time 4WD if you’re wintering in Florida? All of these vehicles are good choices, but you’re probably missing the car that best meets your expectations: the Corolla hatchback. This is definitely a better option.

between two sons

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Mustang Mac E

I have a driven 2016 Lincoln MKX and would like to get an EV. I tested the Mustang Mach-E and then booked one. So there is no rating for my exchange yet. Meanwhile, I discovered the Audi e-tron. I like it too. What do you suggest me between the two?

Jean Francois L.

Of the two, the Mustang Mach-E is the better choice due to its price, features and range. If you are interested in a more luxurious model, we recommend that you take a closer look at the BMW iX, which is newer than the e-tron and offers significantly better range and comfort.

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