Danny Lavrere Waging War at the United Nations

After Montreal, Frankfurt, Tunis and Dubai, the exhibition “A Bedouin Heart” was featured at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, diving into the life and work of writer Danny Laveriere. The inauguration took place on Monday 6 June 2022 in the presence of the graphic writer himself, diplomats and United Nations staff, including Ambassador Antonio Rodrigue, Permanent Representative of Haiti to the United Nations, and Martin Hebert, delegate-general of the Province of Quebec in New. York, Iphigenia Kontoluentos, Representative of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF) to the United Nations, and Monique Simard, President of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership in Montreal.

It was nice to wander through this open book that tells the life of Danny Lavrier and learn about the child who shines through the person who has occupied Chair 2 under the dome of the French Academy since 2013. At noon on 6 June 2022 it is not our UN book of grievances, it is a show . A beautiful gift from Farah’s heart, in the same spirit of generosity and originality that only children can have. “I actually think this is the most delightful dossier we have ever presented to the United Nations,” says the writer. The day before, during an aperitif given by the Quebec delegation in New York, he made no secret of his amusement when he found himself at the United Nations, in the very heart of the world, with his poorly made drawings “forcing the strongest of people in the people who cross the halls to remember that they had a childhood and to tell them that we must preserve these Childhood.

Indeed, childhood does not sleep in Danny. not retired. On the contrary, it forms one body and grows with the academic. She offers him colors and materials for these three graphic books on which the exhibition was inspired, namely, Either Exile Is Worth the Journey, Towards Other Shores, and a Self-Portrait of Paris with Kat. This moment of his childhood, he found, as he points out in his remarks to the occasion, in 2013 after entering the French Academy, when he became the center of a certain French-speaking universe. Among those born leaning against a library did not make easy visits to the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay. He was from Haiti, son of Petit Joave, grandson of Da. We had to remember this kid who believed in the promise of literature.

And so, with a “Bedouin Heart,” the reader, standing up, in motion, has a chance to take a trip with Danny Laveriere. From Haiti, which retains the scent of da coffee and happy childhood memories, to arrive in Montreal where he became a writer, to stop in Miami before leaving for Paris, where the French Academy made him immortal.

That evening, as Ambassador Antonio Rodrigue pointed out in his speech, was a privileged opportunity to discover the life of the immortal writer and academic Danny Laveriere, who since 1985 has published his first novel How to Make a Negro Love Without Fatigue, capturing hundreds of millions of readers with his masterful stories. Between 1985 and 2022, publishing 36 books and about twenty collective works, Danny is a major figure in the Canadian and Haitian cultural scene, one of the pillars of the Haitian romantic universe. “There is no Danny Laverire without DA. There is no Dani without Haiti. But it would be a mistake to lock this star in a box. What good is no one has,” says Jorge Luis Borges, one of Danny Laverriere’s favorite writers. And his achievements left from Haiti to be part of a global conscience as was the Haitian revolution that led to independence, which demanded freedom and equality for all men without discrimination.In honor of his country of origin, in 2016 he inserted the word Vertières into the French dictionary, referring to the fighting that led to the consecration of Haiti As the first black republic in the world,” said the Permanent Representative of Haiti to the United Nations. Nations

Consisting of five separate panels painted by the same author, A Bedouin Heart was created in 2020 in Montreal’s Quartier des glasses, marking the 35-year career of Danny Laverrier. It is erected at the delegates’ entrance to the United Nations Headquarters, and will remain there until 17 June. Therefore, diplomats and UN staff have a few days to take this trip with Dany Laferrière and appreciate this exhibition that has already been a success in the various cities he has traveled to.

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