Entrant: Why would you go through food training?

Today, weight gain is often associated with poor diet or lack of physical exercise. On the other hand, little is said about emotional eating, which plays a major role in it compulsive eating. Stress, anger, self-denial, sadness… When you leave your home country to travel abroad, these emotional disturbances It is one of the most common causes of weight gain. This is why a humane and benevolent approach to food training can help you achieve your goals through Lift some obstacles nicely ! In short, here’s what it is and why it differs from traditional braces.

What is emotional eating?

To lose weight, we often want to treat evil with evil by imposing it restrictive diets. consequences ? A flash in the pan effect lasts from a few weeks to a few months before converting to a ‘yo-yo’ effect. However, it is a phenomenon that regularly leads to frustration and even guilt. And this is where a nutrition coach stands out with their approach.

Rather than focusing on just a diet program, he seeks to understand other factors that can lead to weight gain. Among them emotional eating

  • Food plays a major role in our feelings on a daily basis because it is rich in essential nutrients that contribute to this body health.
  • But it’s also a file mental safety Because eating a good dish relaxes you and immediately evokes positive emotions.

However, when faulty, pent-up or poorly managed emotions can quickly lead to overwhelm. Cravings for food To ‘fill in’ or ‘appease’. And, on the contrary, others deny themselves and “forget” to eat, which contributes to the creation of deficiencies. Moreover, working abroad as an expat can quickly expose yourself to this kind of turmoil due to a lack of knowledge of the local diet or simply due to stress, which is why nutritional training can help you gently remove some blockages.

Who is he talking to?

To help you achieve your goals, Nutritional Training is based on a global approach between Physical and psychological balance. This means keeping certain behaviors essential in your eyes to allow yourself a moment of well-being. Far from restrictive diets, it is aimed at all people who seek it Permanent weight loss By rediscovering good everyday habits. also allowed Anticipate weight gain And to be supported, even remotely, throughout this stage leading up to change.

To prevent weight gain during menopause

Menopause is a phase that is often accompanied by weight gain. But it’s not just because some women feel a lot of stress, mood swings, or hot flashes. Here, the role of nutritional counseling is mainly aimed at Relax and breathe Through software specifically designed to manage this transition.

To support chronic diseases

Fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis … These chronic diseases often affect the quality of life and daily diet. Thanks to food training, you will be able to prepare a file Anti-inflammatory diet to relieve symptoms.

To prevent weight gain while quitting smoking

Smoking cessation is a typical case of emotional eating. So to reduce stress and turmoil, food training sets a nutritional balance To improve eating habits and prevent weight gain.

to relieve stress

Finally, in the case of stress or homesickness, the diet is often unbalanced. Here, training focuses on food multidimensional approach With a balanced diet to accompany you towards a smooth treatment at your own pace.

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