Sean Farrell continues to influence the international scene

When we talk about succession in the Hab, the names of the young defenders are often mentioned. Although selected in later rounds, the attacking hopefuls should not be overlooked.

Sean Farrell is definitely one of them and the left winger is building a pretty impressive resume, especially for a player selected in the fourth round less than two years ago.

Farrell is the third youngest member of the American roster at the World Championships. He is also one of only two players on the team who have never played in the NHL.

In short, the simple fact of being selected on this team is an achievement.

Being part of a band is one thing, but producing is another, and Farrell has been around so far. His six points in nine games give him third place in the team, just one point behind first place.

Tomorrow the Americans will play for the bronze, so he’ll probably have the chance to take first place.

In the semi-final against Finland today, he scored that goal remarkably.

The Massachusetts native was also invited to experience the Olympics in China this winter with the United States. Once again, he did well as he finished first in the team’s scoring with six points in four matches.

Due to his short stature (5’9 and 175 pounds), he was drafted only 124th in the 2020 draft.

But we must admit that with his two calls and his successful performance on the major international stage, many teams must regret not being drafted.

For comparison, there is only one player of this old style (Thomas Bordello), who is part of the US team in the World Championships.

At the Olympics, only Jake Sanderson, Brendan Bryson and Brock Faber were invited, who chose the first and second rounds.

Farrell is described as a very intelligent player with excellent vision. He has a very good skate and a very good playmaker.

A few weeks ago, it was a snake Simon Boisvert described it as the hope of a CH attack with the best potential.

When he joined Chicago Steel in the USHL last year, he became the second player in league history to score 100 points in a single season (101 in 53 games).

Remember that Adam Nicholas, the new director of hockey development at Habs, was working at the time with Steel.

This year with Harvard he had 28 points in 24 games, giving him the team’s second place in points per game.

Usually, the Southpaw should bring back the scarlet next year where he can take control more. Although Harvard does not play in the best conference, it will still have a good level of play.

So we should expect him to make a Hab jump, or rocket, at the end of the 2022-2023 season. Those who fear he won’t sign with Canadians, rest assured.

The ties between him and the Habs seem to be very strong. Besides, he is a good friend of Cole Caufield, having played with the American Development Program for several seasons.

In short, there’s so much hope we can’t wait to see in the Hab costume, but that won’t happen for at least a year…

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He signed a $55.5 million contract in 2020.

– bad news

– It’s not something you see every day…

– He’s still playing against the Oilers.

– For a Fantasy Football Dispute…

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