on video | Yuvaldi massacre: terrified parents wanted to enter school

A new video has emerged showing terrified parents trying to enter the Texas school where the shooting took place on Tuesday, amid growing questions about the speed of police response.

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According to information collected by several media outlets, including the MailOnline, Salvador Ramos, 18, arrived at Uvalde Primary School at 11:30 a.m., after swerving his car into a ditch.

There was a security guard at the school, but he was unable to stop him from entering the building.

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Two police officers also rushed to the school at that time.

Ramos had just shot his grandmother, in the face, at their home less than five miles away. The lady who survived called the police.

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After arriving at the school, Ramos allegedly shot the officers, then ran inside to barricade himself in a fourth-grade classroom. This is where 19 children and two teachers were shot.

90 minutes passed from that point before the police announced the end of the shooting.

Some sources reported that the police simply could not enter the classroom, and needed a key to open the door. It could not be destroyed.

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A Border Patrol agent managed to get in and the shooting was announced at 1.06 p.m., MailOnline reports.

Many wonder why the police took so long to enter the classroom where the children were trapped by the shooter.

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A child who managed to hide under an office told local media KENS 5 that the young girl who had called for help was executed by the gunman.

When the police came he said, ‘Shout out if you need help! And one of the people in my class said, “Help me.” He heard the man, so he went in and shot him. The policeman broke into this classroom. The man shot him. The boy said, “And the police started shooting.”

Listen to Benoit Dutrezac’s interview with Donald Cucholeta on QUB Radio:

As the drama spreads indoors, terrified parents showed up on the school grounds to get the news. Some parents even try to enter school to save their children.

The footage shows one relative pinned to the ground by an officer, while another standing guard with a detonator stands guard nearby.

Other footage shows the parents pleading with the police, “What are you doing!? Enter the building!”

However, the time when these photos were taken is unknown.

The first 911 call was received at 11:32 a.m. on Tuesday and the shooter was killed at 1 p.m., after officers were finally able to enter the classroom.

Some witnesses and relatives of the victims claim that the police at the scene did not enter the school as soon as they were present, but instead congregated outside.

Parents even thought about entering the school to neutralize the shooter themselves.

“The situation could have ended quickly if they had received better tactical training, and we as a society saw that firsthand,” said one parent.

Director of Public Safety Steve Macro told reporters that 40 minutes to an hour passed between the time Salvador Ramos, 18, opened fire on the school’s security guard and the moment the tactical team shot him.

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