Iraq plunges into a political crisis after the resignation of a quarter of parliamentarians

We reluctantly accepted the demands of our brothers and sisters, representatives of the Sadrist bloc, to resignThe Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, announced on Twitter, after receiving letters of resignation from 73 elected members of the House of Representatives. Muqtada al-Sadr.

The Shiite leader, accustomed to political symbols, had personally asked his deputies on Thursday to prepare their resignation.

Parliament services were not available this evening to comment on the constitutional repercussions of this decision.

But according to the Iraqi political expert, Hamza HaddadAnd the Parliament still has to approve These resignations by an absolute majority to become effective. However, Parliament holidays begin on Thursday and elected officials must not find the bloody ark until August.

There is still more political theater on the part of the Sadrists and Al-Halbousi. »

Quote from Hamza Haddadpolitical scientist

Far from being symbolic, this tremor highlights the overall political impasse in which Iraq finds itself with a taste of “deja vu”, negotiations between the parties to form a government and the appointment of a prime minister generally playing extensions, like this time.

For eight months and the early legislative elections in October 2021, from which the Sadrist movement emerged as the biggest winner, the government of the prime minister. Mustafa Al-Kazemi It is enough to speed up the current affairs.

Mr. Al-Kazemi, who has been in power since 2020 and is not affiliated with any political party, is not at liberty to try to reduce the social crisis that 41 million people are going through in this oil country.

Despite oil, the economy is slowing

The country suffers from several evils: nepotism and corruption (Iraq is poor 157e Out of 180 countries ranked by Transparency International (TI) have energy issues, in particular.

Although it is one of the best countries with oil and gas, Iraq is unable to supply its citizens with electricity on a regular basis, causing heavy loads and fueling the anger of the population, especially at the beginning of this period. Summer, when temperatures rise close to 50 degrees.

It was these demands that drove thousands of Iraqis to the streets in the fall of 2019 during an unprecedented revolution.

In Parliament, two Shiite political poles, two Muqtada al-Sadr and the pro-Iranian coordination framework, they continue to demand a majority and the right to appoint a prime minister.

Muqtada al-Sadr

Photo: Reuters / Alaa Al-Murjani

Muqtada al-Sadr, allied with the Sunni and Kurdish forces, intends to break the tradition that wants all Shiite forces to engage in consensus government. Shiite cleric wants majority government Which would push his opponents from the framework of coordination to the opposition.

He has not succeeded in it until today, and he himself claimed recently, in protest, that his deputies were sitting in oppositionAnd leave the coordinating framework for the formation of the government.

A country looking for a president

The majority government that Muqtada al-Sadr Calls for his wishes revolve around his current party, the Sunni Speaker of Parliament, Mohammed Al-Halbousiand the Kurdistan Democratic Party. These three formations comprised 155 deputies out of 329, and thus had no majority in the bloodline.

The coordination framework notably includes the Alliance for Conquest, a political presentation of the former pro-Iranian paramilitary groups in The popular crowd. It includes 83 elected officials.

For the lack of a majority and clear consensus, Parliament has failed three times since the beginning of the year to organize the election of the President of the Republic, which is the first stage before the appointment of the Prime Minister and the formation of the government.

All deadlines set by the Constitution were exceeded.

One of the mentioned ways to break the impasse is to dissolve parliament and organize new legislative elections, but to do so, the deputies have to dissolve the parliament themselves.

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