The Canadian will be the ninth best team to improve this summer

Dom Luszczyszyn journalist in the athlete who created an interesting statistical model for comparing players in the NHL. It uses this data to create rankings that have caused a lot of talk in recent weeks.

My colleague Felix Forget recently mentioned that Luszcysyzn’s contract ranked Nick Suzuki’s as the ninth worst contract in the league.

Charles Alexis Presboa also wrote an article about the fact that the journalist rated the salaries of Canadians as the worst in the NHL.

Here he comes back with another very interesting list, ranking the best improved lineups during the holiday season.

Using a wealth of data, Luszczyszyn attempts to predict how many wins each team will add to or subtract from their NHL roster by coming and going. Unsurprisingly, teams like the Red Wings, Kraken and Senators, who have signed a large number of free agents, sit at the top.

Then, at the bottom, there are those whose gestures received a somewhat mixed reception, such as leopards.

Yes, they added Matthew Tkachuk, but they also lost a lot of the big pieces. I can’t wait to see what happens to Florida next year, especially since CH has their first-round pick in 2023. Remember, the latter is not protected if the team misses the series.

In all of this list, Montreal ranks 9th. According to the model, the arrival of Kirby Dash, Mike Matheson and Evgeny Dadonov, along with the departures of Jeff Petri and Alexander Romanov, will allow the team to win another 2.1 games next year.

Although he has a strong chance of playing in the NHL next year, Juraj Slafkovsky was not considered.

But in fact, Luszczyszyn explains that it is above all the Dominique Ducharme factor that explains such a good result that Habs achieved in this list. In fact, the evaluation of the various players on the team under Ducharme last year was rather poor.

We saw with our own eyes that the team did much better under Martin St. Louis. I also mentioned in an article a few weeks ago that the team scored an average of one extra goal per game under their new coach!

But is CH really an improved team for next year?

With Petri and Romanov losing, the defense will likely be somewhat porous given the many rookies that will play in this position. Then, in the network, there is a good chance that the price will be very difficult.

So yeah, the full season with St. Louis at the helm will be fine and young players like Suzuki and Cole Coffield will continue to improve.

But with the defensive struggle and the fact that the Atlantic division is now very competitive, it’s hard to imagine a team that has improved so much from last year. At the very least, the 2023 Super Draft will make the tough times even sweeter.

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– to read.

– I agree very much.

– It will be hard to stop Padres when he comes back!

Tough choice.

-Unlike CH, Blue Jackets are not afraid to send their best hopes to the World Junior Championships.

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