When reminded! A fan yells “Shoot! The police showed up at his house

Incredible story!

We’ve all been a bit too active as fans of our favorite team. Not to the point of giving a cheap shot to an opposing fan in the corridors of the ring, but hey…

a a fan From Lightning, who was watching one of his team’s playoff matches with some friends Mouth He was so loud that his neighbors downstairs became worried for his safety. when they heard shoot! shoot! » Coming from the lodging upstairs, they got really scared and called the police. When you ask someone to shoot a disc, it’s not like you’re telling them to shoot a shotgun, but hey…

The officers appeared at the fan’s house and immediately asked where the guns were. They asked the question several times, before realizing that it was a real misunderstanding. The buddies It was a little heavy. This is it.

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Neighbors who called the police, young couple with appearance very Quiet, they offered 12 bottles of Stella Arti to their neighbor to apologize for the accident they had caused.

Fortunately, this Florida story with supporters from different racial communities did not end badly. We all know that unfortunately, this could have been the case in the southern United States…

In the end, we have Just A funny story that makes us smile on Monday morning. So much the better!

I would like to thank my neighbors when I was still at university. They never called the police and yet it made a lot of noise. Especially with my formal football table in the poorly soundproofed building where I was staying, heh.

Modernization – A reader told us that this story happened in 2020, when lightning encountered the Dallas stars in the Alberta bubble. It remains unusual, even if it’s not as modern as we first thought.

Many of

Who will win the Stanley Cup? This is the expectation of many leaders and coaches.

For the second time in three matchesThe fire alarm rang this morning at the Rocket’s American Hotel. Coincidence or not?

– Champion teams are not built by appendices. In the NHL as in the beginners.

– Zdeno Chara faster and more agile on skates?


Mikko Koskinen will already play in Switzerland next season.

TSN and RDS will broadcast NFL football for several more years.

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