Cottage with a breathtaking view of time

After 30 years crisscrossing studios from Montreal to Cannes as a star makeup artist, Eddie Malletter fancied himself becoming a country house owner. A few months later, he crossed with a house built in 1910 in Saint-Irénée, in Charlevoix. A house in which he lives his dream.

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Even if the makeup artist saw himself at the head of a breakfast, his wife, Carl Fournier, was far from peeling property for sale. “We came for a walk in Saint-Irénée to visit friends, we passed in front of the house and I would say he jumped on us.”

Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple

“There’s real harmony in the decor,” says Eddie Maleterre.

Indeed, how can one remain indifferent to this inherited two-storey dwelling in red and white, with a fantastic view of the river, a huge green space and a spacious gallery for relaxation? “When we saw a sign for sale, we looked at the Centris ad, visited the next day and made an offer without thinking much about whether we were ready to leave Montreal. A few days later, their offer was accepted. They offered their large apartment in Montreal for sale, which sold out in eight days.” “Things lined up.”

So much so that they bought the house fully furnished. “We could not have done better if we had bought everything ourselves. The furniture is old. There is real harmony in the décor.” The prefab house so seduced them that they offered the same to their buyer from Montreal.” We leave everything behind to completely change the universe. »

  • Kitchen

    Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple


  • dining area

    Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple

    dining area

  • bathroom

    Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple


  • master bedroom

    Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple

    master bedroom

  • Back view facing the river

    Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple

    Back view facing the river

  • outdoor relaxation area

    Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple

    outdoor relaxation area

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From Cannes to Saint-Irénée

A choice in the image of the professional transition of Mr. Maleterre, who has been the spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris in Canada, make-up artist in Cannes, at TIFF, at the Grammys and at numerous parades and fashion weeks. Three decades later, he’s had enough. “Without denigrating the environment that I loved and that I still respect, I’m tired of vanishing. When you make up a star, they erase everything afterwards. When you go to a festival, they put together a set that is then taken down. I wanted something more durable.”

If his departure from the middle lusterfive years ago, followed by his beginnings in painting, his first exhibitions and workshops on retail sales and customer service, and he took time especially for himself to practice mindful meditation and creative imagination.

So we return to the pictures of his new life.

I saw the project as a former retirement: getting housing to meet people. The property only has three bedrooms and I don’t want more. I want to spend time with them.

Eddie Malleter, owner

Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple

Living room

History and modernity

While the new owners live in the section that was built 10 years ago, like a large luxury hotel suite, guests stay in the section that was built 112 years ago. “The house was built by a butler to founder Domaine Forget as a summer home. It was then sold and resold, used as a springboard and resold to buyers who turned it into a single family home.”

Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple

“The house has always been well maintained, and the work respected the image of its creator.”

The summer house is insulated. The floors and ceiling were reconstructed. For the rest, little has changed. However, the owners are not afraid of its historical character. “The house has always been well maintained, and the business has respected the image of its builder. The previous owner was meticulous and respectful of beautiful things.”

Since the inn opened in November 2021, many guests have told Eddie Malletter about the effect the house has had on them. “You feel the vibrations in the property. When you sit in the Adirondack chairs and look at the river, it’s annoying because it’s so relaxing. »

Photo by Linda Bloen, submitted by the couple

The cottage offers a stunning view of the river.

When asked if he misses the city, he quickly responds in the negative. “I think it’s meditation that does that. I’m in the moment. Life in Montreal was a wonderful experience. Before that, I was in Paris and left the city overnight to settle in Quebec. I have the power to renew.”

His new life as a hostel owner is exactly what he imagined. “I make rooms. I keep the huge garden. I make breakfasts by making as many homemade things as possible (bread, yogurt, jam, etc.) from regional produce. I love it!”

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