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(Denver) Last week, during a media day, Julian Presboa said he spent part of his summer of 2021 looking for answers.

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Clouds Lifrancois

Clouds Lifrancois

Answers to what? For mystery tournaments three in a row. Why has it become so difficult? Why were dynasties so popular in hockey and basketball, and now only Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros and Joey Chestnut at Nathan line up in the tournament (our examples, not his)?

BriseBois explained nine days ago: “I talked to people in different organizations who won two titles. What kept coming back was that the players weren’t hungry by year three. But I didn’t feel like that with us. In our meetings, our players always said we were still on a mission.”

Photo of Andrei Petchet, press archives

Jack Martin

Jack Martin is one resource BriseBois has consulted. The Franco-Ontario was an assistant to the Pittsburgh Penguins from 2017-2018, and they were aiming for a third consecutive title. Their trajectory was halted in the second round.

According to Martin, it was not a problem of will. “The key was depth,” the former Canadians coach recalled, in an interview with Journalism. “We lost Nick Bonino after the 2017 Cup and we couldn’t replace him.

“It was the depth that hurt us. It’s interesting, because Julian lost his third streak last summer. But he replaced it.”

Martin here refers to Yanny Gord, who was lost in the expansion draft, as well as Barclay Goudreau and Blake Coleman, who both benefited from their independence.

Konstantinov effect

Dave Lewis was an assistant for the Red Wings when they won in 1997 and 1998, before losing in the second round to an avalanche in 1999.

These cups were won under special circumstances. A few days after the 1997 conquest, Vladimir Konstantinov had a car accident that left him in a coma and ended his career.

“Our second, I knew from the start that we were going to win it, says Lewis, on the phone. We didn’t even have seven days to celebrate, and it hit us in the face. It was big, we lost a star player who played 30 minutes. But the second cup became an important one.” »

Under these circumstances, Lewis supports Julian’s thesis on psychological challenge. “He was physically and mentally exhausted. The guys invested so many emotions in order to win that Konstantinov raised it in the middle of the ice … There was a relaxation in the third year. »

shots blocked

Breed takes a long time to build. Think of lightning. If the team loses this week, the next opportunity to become a true breed won’t come until 2025.

Martin recalls “a huge disappointment” when Sidney Crosby lost in 2018. “You’re very committed to creating a dynasty, he remembers. You see it with Tampa, players blocking shots. You play, you have a day to recover and start over. It’s an exceptional commitment.”

Lightning’s commitment seems truly irreplaceable. Take dead ends. The three strikers who saved the most pucks on Wednesday are Ondrej Balat (5), Stephen Stamkos and Anthony Cirelli (4 each). All members of the first two streaks who don’t block out much in season.

So it’s entirely possible that depth becomes an issue with lightning. While the avalanche welcomed Nazim Qadri’s return on Wednesday, Tampa was left without Brayden Point and lost to Eric Cernak. Not to mention Nikita Kucherov who seemed far from 100%.

Patience is rewarded

Jack Martin also wanted to emphasize the “patience” of lightning and avalanche. John Cooper and Jared Bednar are two of the longest serving head coaches in the NHL.

“The coaches have been there for a long time. Tampa lost in the 2015 Finals, then in the semifinals against us. They missed the playoffs once, and Columbus swept them in the first round. Despite that, they kept the same coach. I give a lot of credit to these organizations, Because she did not panic.”

Hockey school is back

With a certain enthusiasm, Jack Martin finally relaunched his hockey school in Rigaud. It has been discontinued for the past two years for reasons you might expect. The two-week event will begin on July 31. At the time of this writing, there were still a few places left.

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