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Quarry: Can you survive another night at Hackett Summer Camp?

The summer season is synonymous with holiday camp. When I was young I used to go there every summer and was even a counselor once. Either way, it’s nothing compared to what Hackett’s Quarry’s camp advisors experienced in survival game The Quarry…and that’s kind of their fault.

Copy of the game with permission from 2K Games; Melanie Boutin Chartier’s photo
Played on PlayStation 5 for review

A night in the woods turns into a nightmare

The quarry recounts the adventure that nine camp counselors had on the last day of vacation. As they prepare to go home, a car accident forces them to spend last night at Hackett Quarry Camp. The chase only started that night, and none of them expected why.

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In these types of games we are given characters with unique personalities so that we can relate to some while others might get on our nerves. This is the case here. Kaitlyn seems to be the smartest of the bunch, Emma is the “born influencer” and Abigail is a bit shy and outgoing. Among the boys, there’s Nick who’s a fan of Abby, Dylan who is putting in a lot of effort, and Ryan who is a bit spoiler, and I admit I found Jacob quite “sleazy.” Finally, Laura and Max are the only married couple who have bonded together, and have believed in their deep love for each other. In short, stereotypes are in the game!

The cast includes famous actors. The coaches are definitely young now. For my part, I appreciate the work of David Arquette (Chris Hackett), Ted Remy (Travis), Ethan Supley (Bobby), Lynne Shay (Constance), Lance Henriksen (Good) and Grace Zabriskie (Elisa). They all look the same physically in the game, which adds a more compelling immersion layer.


Supermassive Games polishes their cinematic art…

At Supermassive Games, we embark on a highly cinematic adventure. The quality of the camera footage and animation strongly suggests that we are participating in an interactive film. In The Quarry, it’s even clearer. The movement of the characters is believable and well executed. Up close, I can see it’s a game, but from a distance, the movie scenes pass by almost as if they were real.


…at the expense of the script

Where The Quarry hurts is in the text. Screenwriters take traditional ideas and mix them up a bit. However, everything is predictable. I had no real surprises about how the adventure unfolded until the end. However, I had a great time there. It embarked on a light-hearted horror story tinged with supernatural elements. Atmosphere is a “teenage movie” also with her music, whose well-known songs are installed in key venues.

Of course, the decisions we make will have consequences for certain scenes and the relationship between the characters in the game, however, these have no real impact. Despite a different reaction depending on our position on the question, we are back on the main track very quickly. It does not matter if you are hiding from a hunter or running to save yourself, the following action is predetermined.


Simple mechanics, close to interactive movie

However, some of the mechanics are interesting, especially on PS5. When we hide, we hold our breath so as not to catch the enemy’s attention. To do this, we press X. The whole time we are in this mode, we feel the heartbeat through the haptic feedback of the Dualsense. When the danger is over, the beating stops. So it’s easy to know when you can take a good breath of air. A joystick is also used for the gun, which will provide resistance on the right trigger when you have to fire a shot. Other than that, most interactive moments are devoted to the choices to be made and a few “quick time events” to succeed with the analog stick made in time.

Of the nine animators, we’ll try to keep as many of them alive as possible…or not. To help us, The Quarry gives us opportunities. In fact, we have three “lives”, i.e. the chance to replay a fatal scene to change its outcome and prevent one of our friends from dying. Once we’re exhausted, we continue the story by keeping the dead as they are. On my first attempt, I finished the game and six of them survived. Not bad anyway, but the poor choice in the end made me lose two at once. It makes you want to start over to succeed in saving everyone, but you have to take into account the fact that now you know the whole story. So the replay of the game will be less exciting.


Three ways to enjoy The Quarry adventure

Supermassive in its games allows players to enjoy the adventure alone, but also with friends in the co-op mode. On the same couch, up to eight players will offer each other a joystick each to control a character from the game. I find this idea cool, because it’s the kind of game we want our friends to discover. It’s a story of a teen and a young woman, and it’s a lot of the kind of things I would have done at that age. For those interested, we’re promised online co-op play around July 8th.

The third method is to turn it on and turn on cinema mode. This simply starts the game with preset options. As if we were watching a movie, we sit and eat popcorn while watching young people trying to survive in this harsh jungle. Since The Quarry is not difficult per se, this is not what I would prefer. But there is something for everyone, right?

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