NHL | Carrie Price wins the Bill Masterton Cup

The National Hockey League presented the Bill Masterton Cup to Montreal Canadiens goalkeeper Carrie Price on Friday.

Updated yesterday at 9:31 PM.

Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard

The trophy is awarded annually to the player who has been the best example of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication during the season.

Price stood out against defender Zdeno Chara and Philadelphia Flyers resident Kevin Hayes.

After sitting out for months to recover from a knee injury and participate in the NHL’s Player Assistance Program, the 34-year-old goalkeeper played five games in 2022.

It is special. I am grateful to receive this trophy considering all the great players who have also won it.

Carry price

Chara became the eighth player in league history to play the 24th professional season, and the 45-year-old broke the record for most games played by a defensive man.

For his part, Hayes showed courage by playing despite the tragic death of his brother, former player Jimmy Hayes. He also suffered a blood infection, in addition to undergoing surgery three times. He is still able to play 48 matches for the Flyers.

A look back at the rollercoaster season

Last summer, he led his team to the Stanley Cup Final. No. 31 had knee surgery shortly after this crazy saga. The schedule first set for his recovery suggested a comeback at the start of the season, in October. However, nothing happened as planned. With days into the campaign, Price entered the NHL Players Assistance Program for substance abuse.

After getting out of it a few weeks later, he resumed training with the goal of getting back to full fitness. However, two dips slowed his rehabilitation, and he didn’t finally play a game until mid-April. He started four times in eight days, which resulted in four losses, and was put to rest for a few days. He finally got the go-ahead and got 700e The start of his career against the Florida Panthers.

This trophy is special due to the circumstances. When I thought I was ready to go back, it was put off. […] I’m grateful for all the support I’ve had this season, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today.

Carry price

There are still four seasons to the heavy contract ordered by the goalkeeper. The period during which the organization will have to pay $ 31 million.

Pricing remains uncertain before the next campaign. Kent Hughes made it clear a few days ago that he hopes to be steady on his guard’s health before the free dealership market opens on July 13.

When asked about this, Price said that he had nothing new to say: “We will find out more this summer. I am now preparing for training. I don’t know what I will look like before the end of the summer. I will do everything I can to play next year.”

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Carrie Price and Awards 2015

Another bonus

This isn’t the first trophy Price has received since joining the NHL.

He was awarded the Vézina Cup, awarded to the goalkeeper with distinction of the season, 2014-2015, as well as reaching the final two years later for the same honour.

In 2015, he became one of the few goalkeepers to win the Hart Cup as the most valuable player for his team. That same year, his peers also presented him with the Ted-Lindsay Cup, which was crowned Player of the Year after a vote by members of the NHL Players Association.

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