Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (Nintendo Switch) – Le test

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (Nintendo Switch) – Test

If you grew up in the ’90s, there’s a very good chance you even have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt or hat, a legendary license that puts the Turtles into practice. Martial arts apprentices under their master Splinter’s wing. Whether through animation, derivative products, or video games, turtles have clearly marked the cultural landscape over the past 38 years with their three fingers. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (TMNT Shredder’s Revenge for short) is a file beat them all Participate in its development Dotemo (Streets of Rage 4) And the greeting games (Panzer Paladin), a leading specialist in genre and action games, a group of talents whose mission is to provide fans with the game they’ve been waiting for for decades.


TMNT Hacking revenge is an all-new game that draws its inspiration from the legacy of the arcade tanks of the ’90s; We can mention in particular Turtles in time Which is still considered to this day as one of the best arcade games for ninja apprentices. Therefore, this new authorship is intended to be original and up-to-date while retaining fine references, starting with the design Even the turtles are inspired by the 1987 cartoon with their colors well flashy And as a bonus to the original voice actors of the time.

Inspiration is also found in combat animations which are mostly faithful reworks of attacks Turtles in time, whether it’s to send enemies towards the screen or hack attacks. The game is rife with winks and fan service while respecting the source material, which is well directed Nickelodeon Existing licensees.

The story of this creation takes us to New York, popular with feisty pizza lovers. Their opponent, Shredder, wants to capture the Statue of Liberty with the help of Krang who needs to put the robot’s body back together. So you’ll have to cross licensing places of worship like Channel 6 studios, Dimension X or Coney Island to block the road to Shredder and save the planet.

Once you enter the main menu, you will notice the availability of two modes, the story mode which allows you to replay each level as you wish, complete challenges and secondary missions as well as increase the power of your characters. Then the classic Arcade mode in which you will have to go through the 16 stages of the game in order with a number of game over Limited, allowing you to appear in the online leaderboards based on your score.

The game thus consists of a total of sixteen levels, during which tireless waves of minions have been made foot clan He will try to stop you, before you finish appointing one, or even many, bosses. The variety of scenery and enemies is amazing, giving each stage its own identity making it easy to identify among the others. Special reference to the few levels in hoverboard Which brings the side of the podium.
There are thirty good enemies and twenty bosses, not to mention the difference engraving And recreation of scenes from the animation that can be seen in the set. All Being The game is fun especially since the choice of characters brings a great breath of fresh air if you feel the need to revamp the experience.

From classic duration to beat them allAnd the TMNT Hacking revenge Can be completed in a few hours, count about three hours to complete a Being complete. Replayability is still excellent withXP Story mode characters as well as achievements that will require you to complete the game with the entire cast.

From April to Master Splinter

Regarding Playthe developers have succeeded in the colossal task of saving set of moves From the 90s and reinvigorated until the game in 2022 remains the perfect fluid. So we find the dough Streets of Rage 4 With the ability to chain enemies and use a combination of chips, air attacks and special moves to literally match opponents.

The mechanics of the game are explained quite simply, easily accessible in the “How to play” section which shows in twenty-two small animations the keys that must be used to perform each possible manipulation.

It is also possible to completely customize the controls to better suit your preferences.

Thus, it is possible to reach a set of four basic attacks, holding down ‘Y’ to give a powerful charged hit, double tapping in a direction to sprint enemy then charging with a shoulder swipe or sliding on the ground, and finally ‘Y’ and will let you B” file use launcher Quick to start air combos.

A very nice and rare addition in Beat’Em All Arcade, a key dedicated to dribbling, so pressing the “A” button will make you look back, which is very useful in one-on-one situations when facing bosses, for example, the frame Immunity allows you to survive more easily. This dribbling can be combined with a simple attack to launch a counterattack.

Using all of these attacks fills the power meter, the latter unleashing very powerful special attacks to cover an area of ​​the screen, as well as three usable special attacks, one normal, one jump and one dodge. The meter can also be filled by ‘mocking’ enemies: each character has their own sarcasm animation that will leave you vulnerable until you’re done but will reward you with a full level of meter instantly.

Thus the attack board is quite complete allowing you to easily create your sequences between normal strikes to fill your meter and then the big special in a group of enemies to clear everything at once, everything is played very smoothly and you rarely feel the repetition that can be found in The genre is hair. Different pickups Taken as a pizza, the latter grants temporary bonuses like a devastating attack that sweeps the entire screen or an unlimited special attack meter for ten seconds.

In terms of casting, seven characters can be played, including one that unlocks by completing the story. So obviously we found the turtles, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello, as well as their master Splinter. Then for the first time in a license game, Reporter April is a playable character, and the last thing he unlocks will remain a surprise so as not to spoil everything for fans reading these lines.

Each character has stats which are range, speed and strength. It’s all perfectly balanced because Donatello who would have a very long reach with his wand would necessarily be slower than Raphal and saî allowing him to pounce on his enemies more easily.

As mentioned above, characters in story mode can earnXPIn fact, there are a series of challenges in the levels that allow you to earn points, but also the simple fact of playing. By entering a level you can get missions that ask for example to finish without falling into obstacles, without getting hit or eliminating X enemies with air attack/charge/slide. A very good idea that offers replayability and rewards you by making your character stronger by adding HP, extra special attack bars or new abilities (special jump attack for example). Each character has its own experience, so you will have ample opportunities to retry levels with each of them, not to mention the secrets and few things you can find.

The entire game can be played in multiplayer mode up to six players simultaneously, at any time you can join or create rooms online and invite your friends via the invite interface of Nintendo Switch (rarely used these days), or locally by syncing the correct number of controllers, perfectly maneuverable allows you to play with joycons Alone or even a gamepad SNES To enhance the antique side.
The multiplayer brings some additional interactions such as the possibility to transfer life points to his ally by making him your palmOr he makes sandwich attacks or revives his ally on the ground.

We didn’t get to lose

If there is one point in particular that teams have to work hard at Dotemo And the greeting games It can be seen, it is the general view of the game.

Special attention was paid to the various graphics and animations, and each playable character and each type of enemy had its own panel of very many animations. Whether it’s live in-game or even in the way it lands on the screen, it’s the subtle, subtle details that bring so much life to the combos. whether that shinobis Which sign leans in the background, ninjas hidden in trash bags or robots knocking over their heads, everything is done very well.

Each playable character has their own animations as well as differences in their own attacks, making each character fundamentally different visually and embossing their identity with the others available. In addition, references to period arcade games are included in the set of movesSplinter using master Senbukiku From Street Fighter.

The pixel art is excellent, giving plenty of visual fluidity while maintaining great clarity, so even with a crowd on screen, your character remains easy to identify among the surrounding chaos. The game will take you to a variety of settings, from the street to the construction site, from science complexes to the X dimension with pizza monsters.
Everything is very fluid, as the game spins without ever jiggling even in the most intense phases of action.

Finally, the soundtrack is a real nugget, the game’s lead composer, Tee Lopes worked on it sonic mania Before, she has always managed to surprise with her hip-hop and retro sounds at the same time. The final icing on the cake is a piece written and run out Especially for the game Ghostface Killah feat. Shih raekwonLegendary pillar members Wu Tang Clanthe collective entity is one, if not the greatest hip-hop reference in the world.


the most

  • A true love letter to license lovers
  • Very neat pixel art graphics
  • Wu Tang Clan on the soundtrack, just that
  • Great animation function
  • Story mode and its challenges, a good idea to replay
  • List of seven different characters
  • Ability to play online or locally with up to six players
  • Dynamic and fun game
  • A very diverse group of enemies and bosses spread over sixteen levels
  • Arcade mode for leaderboard addicts

the least

  • Online multiplayer limited to one person per console
  • No fan service bonuses like gallery artwork or visual filters but common in this genre
  • It may be repeated after a while

Note details

  • Graphics

  • sound bar

  • Play

  • life

  • Replayability

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