Chantal Matchabe, a sign of renewal in Canadian regulation

It’s no secret that Montreal Canadians are rebuilding. Both on and off the ice, the winds of change blow across the organization.

The first building block in the process was laid last fall with the dismissal of Mark Bergiveen and the appointment of Jeff Gorton.

But another appointment of Geoff Molson turns out to be just as significant and that of Chantal Machabée as Vice President of Hockey Communications.

Yesterday, passing through Patrick Lagasse’s microphone, on the 98.5 FM airwaves, she evaluated her first season in the position.

Since the former RDS journalist’s arrival with Habs, we feel the approach with the media and supporters is very different. There is a lot of openness and a desire to communicate and everyone wins.

For example, players are now more encouraged to speak up and show their character in front of the microphone. The lady who hosted the first Sports 30 newsletter explained her way of seeing things:

You (the players) can express yourself, as an intelligent and educated person. You can express yourself without “swearing on anyone under the bus”. There is a smart way to do this.

She explains that under the previous administration, players were not “informed” before speaking to the media. They were a little alone. As a former journalist, she is now able to tell them exactly what to expect by giving them questions that may be asked beforehand.

This is one of the reasons why players like Cole Caufield seem so free and relaxed when on the podium.

She also made it clear that she liked Jean-Sebastien Dea’s intervention on Thursday. She says she appreciates it when players speak from the bottom of their hearts like this.

Although her position is related to communications, Matchabe makes it clear that she also has a say in hockey operations. Through the image represented by the player, she can give her opinion on the possible consequences.

In last year’s draft, she would certainly have helped tremendously with the selection of Logan Maillo…

So Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes often ask her what she thinks before making it official. Since this seems a bit abstract, Matchabe gave a concrete example:

They were working on a trade and there was a player involved in that trade and they told me they weren’t sure what to do with it. I raised my hand and said I knew him and that if he came to Montreal he would have to play. If it just passes, it will not pass.

Since coming to the position, we have seen how dedicated he is to keeping organization at his core. She wants the Hab back.

My loyalty is to the Montreal Canadiens family and I want to announce this organization. I want the fans to find their love for this organization again. I want more engagement and I don’t want slips to be taken as in the past.

Matchabei explains that he has had the impression that in recent years, that bond has been broken. I felt that the media and fan access to the players was very limited.

We repeat ourselves, but his arrival in Montreal is refreshing. For the first time in a long time we feel that the Canadian wants to be there for his supporters.

Let’s just hope it’s not just a honeymoon and that this new relationship continues for years to come.

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The next few years are likely to be difficult for journalists in Philadelphia.

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