Kaiden Guhle win one shy of Memorial Cup appearance

Rocket was trying to take a 2-1 lead in last night’s series against the mighty Springfield Thunderbirds. Do I need to remind you that a file T Birds Did he lose a single match in the first two rounds?

It all started well for the rocket, with Rafael Harvey Benard scoring his second goal in as many matches (and since the start of the playoffs). RHP launch. RHP became the regular season again, who finished top scorer And the Pointers in the missile.

Unfortunately, things then went wrong for the home team (which was once again able to count on an impressive crowd at Place Bell). The Thunderbirds scored three unanswered goals…and didn’t lose their lead after that. Final score: 6 to 3 for T-Birds.

We will especially remember…

1. Indiscipline, the missile received eight minor penalties and two fines for misconduct. Even if the Thunderbirds didn’t score a single goal in last night’s Power play (0 of 8), they were able to exhaust their opponent at 5 for 3 and 5 for 4. They ended up paying evenly.

Clearly, the stated goal of managing his emotions well and not retaliating was not achieved in the missile.

2. Kayden Primo starred. During the first 35 minutes, the rocket remained in the match thanks to the brilliance of his young goalkeeper. Yes, in the end, Primeau did let in five balls from 42 shots, but it could have been worse (and much earlier).

3. The 10,043 people officially admitted to the Place Belle Arena. We can also see many familiar faces at the Canadian Inn.

4. Joshua Roy’s game. QMJHL’s top scorer in the regular season played his first professional match yesterday. He didn’t overuse it, but it wasn’t bad when JF Houle called his services. Roy finished the match with three shots on target, including one that had a great opportunity to score.

5. The four goals of Will Peyton, former member of the Montreal Organization. Petten, who identified himself as a young Gallagher in the making when he was recruited by the Canadians, found the back of the net four times last night. He scored the last four goals in the match.

Petén already has 14 points (including seven goals) in nine play-offs. Looks like he’s found a way to play inside Kayden Primo’s head.

Remember, the Canadian traded Bitten to the Wild for defender Gustav Olofsson a few years ago, even before Bitten played his first match with professionals… And the main interested party wanted to show that it was a mistake last night. Bitten had about 40 friends and family members in the stands at Place Bell yesterday.

6. Defensive difficulties Jesse Yelonen and Diya JS. They would have to close the game better.

Next game : Tomorrow in Laval. Will the rocket equal the match (2-2?) in the semi-finals four out of seven?

to note that On the other sideChicago Wolves lead 3-0 against Stockton Heat.

Kayden Gohley Progressing

The Guhle and the Oil Kings advanced 3-1 in the WHL Finals Series last night. They are only one short win away from a WHL title and a commemorative cup appearance.

The Oil Kings won 3-2 in Seattle with a goal scored in the final seconds of the third half.

Guhle didn’t collect any points, but finished the match at plus 2.

However, the strong charge against Brendan Cooney caught the eye for the wrong reasons. Connie, who was hit by Tyrell Power, had to leave the rink on a stretcher. Bauer was sent off for five minutes and then kicked out of the match (misconduct of the game). Please someone said to the prescriber no, he didn’t hit Connie Power! It was Bauer who hit Kony!

Next game : Saturday in Edmonton.

Remember that Guhle can also compete in the World Junior Championships in August, before the rookie camp and the real Canadian camp.

Simono and Trudeau are in danger

The Cataractes won a crazy game last night in Shawinigan. The final result : 5 to 4 (in overtime) in favor of the catswho now leads the QMJHL Final 3-0 series. The islanders left at least three progress in the game.

Looks like I heard Jasmine Leroux confiding on air that QMJHL could never win the last series after being late 0 – 3. It feels like the end of William Trudeau and Xavier Simono, two players who are hoping for the CH Championship.

Simono received an assist, while Trudeau was turned away.

Next game : Tonight in Shawinigan. Shall we take the President’s Cup out of his bag? Will Shawinigan celebrate next night?

Tonight in the NHL
Rangers will be looking to get back into winning ways tonight as they play at home at Madison Square Garden. Who will advance 3-2 to be one game away from the Stanley Cup Final?

Do you mojo and the Pushing force Whose lightning will follow to New York? Could a potential Bryden Point comeback make the difference?

Or will Igor Shesterkin prove unruly, in front of attackers who will let their offensive talent speak for itself? Answer from 8:00 PM on TVA Sports or Sportsnet.

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