Laurent DuVernay-Tardiff takes a break: Medicine before football

The 31-year-old makes no secret of it, the idea of ​​quitting has occupied his mind in recent months. He has preferred to put his sports career on hold in order to prioritize short-term medicine and see what the future holds for him in September.

Four years after receiving his MD from McGill University, it was time for Laurent DuVernay Tardiff to begin his residency, with the application deadline set in 2022.

Although McGill has always given me a lot of flexibility, I always told myself I wanted to stick to the rules, within my limits. I didn’t want to ask for special permission. Maybe I could have found a way, but it was important to me to give myself the best chance of being a good doctor because the decision to play football or not is 100% personal, but medication, still includes other people, starting with the patients. »

Quote from Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, offensive lineman

He didn’t make his decision on a whim. They have been ripening for some time, as the process officially began at the end of autumn.

In the weeks following his November transfer from the Kansas City Chiefs to the New York Jets, after he lifted the no-trade clause, Laurent DuVernay Tardiff began the process of completing his medical residency in Quebec. This was followed by a series of interviews in March, and he was selected by the McGill University Health Center in May.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif has abandoned the 2020 season to lend a helping hand to the CHSLDs, which have been hit hard by the health crisis.

Photo: Facebook / Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

While he was preparing for the continuation of his treatment, several organizations interested in his services contacted his agent, Sacha Gafami. Three official offers were received, the footballer trusts, but they were all rejected because he would have missed the first group training sessions, camp and preparatory calendar.

I decided to start my stay on the 1st of July. This is also why I did not sign the contracts that were offered to me. The good news there, we have been honest with the teams that have contacted us, and there is still an openness on the part of some to consider signing at the start of the season.Refers to those who aspire to specialize in family and emergency medicine.

Partially open door

The duration of his residency in medicine extends to two years. His first commitments, the program’s introductory period, run for two months through the end of August.

Then the goalkeeper will re-evaluate his options, whether his heart still beats a lot in football, first of all, and whether the team in a favorable position is showing interest in him.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif has played more than 4,000 NFL games as an offensive lineman.

Photo: USA TODAY SPORTS / Brad Penner

The desire to play football is the most important thing. If I come back to play, it’s because I love football, not for the contract or the money, assures Laurent DuVernay-Tardiff. In the end, playing football again will put off a lot of other work in my life. I have to do it because I want to be there. This is the biggest factor.

In fact, I don’t know exactly what will happen this fall. I think there is a good chance that I will be offered a contract. But at this point, I’ll probably realize that with medicine, I’m a little late. I probably won’t get that call to play footballand adds the Super Bowl LIV champion with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Of course I don’t help my chances. Meaning if the only thing I wanted in life was to be at the start of the 2022 season, I would have signed in March. But my goal is to be a doctor for 30 years and maybe play another season of football. After eight years in the NFL, I give myself the right to make the decisions that are best for me from a global and inclusive perspective, not just football. I know it comes with some risks, but I’m really comfortable with that. »

Quote from Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, offensive lineman

By his own admission, the manager in question made a difficult turnaround during the 2021 calendar after he traded the Chiefs’ offensive gamebook, which he knew like the back of his hand, against the Jets’ book, which he had to hastily assimilate. way to get repetition.

His adaptability is believed to be an added value in the eyes of organizations that can seek reinforcements at the end of the pre-season or when the campaign is underway. However, his will will prevail.

It is difficult to know all the possible situations in a football match and to perform consistently. It is very difficult. I didn’t think it would be that difficult. But as I did it and it went relatively well, it would give me arguments to join a team, if I wanted to do so.says Laurent DuVernay-Tardiff, who has 68 games behind a tie, including 64, since being selected in the 2014 draft.

Laurent DuVernay-Tardiff was commissioned to protect Patrick Mahomes when he defended the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Photo: Getty Images / Jamie Squire

000 people and you are in front of you Fletcher Cox or Aaron Donald, you have to feel like you have everything in you to be successful. Football is a physical game, but above all a mental game “,” text “:” It’s all well and good that you learn the rules of the game, you train inside and all that, but when you’re on a field in front of 80,000 people and you have Fletcher Cox or Aaron Donald In front of you, you have to feel that you have everything in you to be successful. Football is a physical game, but above all it is a mental gameIt’s all well and well learning the rules of the game, training in the gym and all that, but when you’re on a court in front of 80,000 people and you have Fletcher Cox or Aaron Donald in front of you, you have to feel like you have everything in you to be successful. Football is a physical game, but above all it is a mental gameHe adds, referring to the commitment necessary to continue his sporting career.

Laurent DuVernay Tardiff could have made his residence outside the province, or even outside the Canadian border. He finally chose to come home, on the one hand, the environment the McGill University Health Center provides, on the other hand to be closer to his family.

It is a beautiful environment. I think we are fortunate in Quebec, for the access to care, for the cultural diversity in Montreal and also for the languages, it’s a fortune to be able to work in both English and French. All of this, combined with the closeness of family and friends, makes it the place I want to develop, practice and contribute.Laurent Duvernay-Tardif explains.

When asked if one of the political parties has approached him recently with provincial elections looming on the horizon, he contented himself with answering, between two bursts of laughter, no comment.

Needless to say, the man in many hats has been in demand for several years, to say the least, on almost all fronts. And it will only get worse when it is confirmed and announced that it will withdraw from the competition. This fall or later.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif was the 200th player selected at the 2014 NFL Auction.

Photo: Associated Press/Jeff Roberson

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