Destroy all humans! 2: Still politically incorrect

game news Destroy all humans! 2: Still politically incorrect

Steam Neo Fest launched at the beginning of the week and there are a ton of indie games out there. Among them, there is one name that sounds more familiar than others: Destroy All Humans! 2. This new edition of Crypto adventures is planned for this summer and offers us an irreverent demo of more than one hour. That’s what we thought.


  • Even less politically correct than GTA?
  • Yesterday’s science fiction
  • Find our test of the new 2020 version of Destroy All Humans!

Steam New Fest

All Steam Neo Fest demos are available from June 13-20 (7pm). So there is still plenty of time to try out some of the games that interest you to build your opinion of the joystick/mouse.

Even less politically correct than GTA?

Crypto is back, and of course it will play a dirty trick on you. TheThe alien hasn’t lost anything of his depravity and indifference. Thus, this new version gives good taste to the perpetual aggression that stirred its predecessors. Nothing has moved on this side. Thus those who love the hot spirit of Crypto will be overcome and others will remain on earth. We would still have liked to see the jokes vary a bit. After an hour of playing it quickly turned out to be redundant, tangibly in the general satirical tone of the title that didn’t quite manage to overburden us.

like Mars attackAnd the This destroys all people! 2- The underdog does not take himself seriously and feels comfortable. As a reminder, destroy all humans! Furthermore, it was seen as a science fiction parody in the 1950s. And on a larger scale, we can see in him the satire of American society in the 1960s, divided between two very caricatured trends here: The Hippie Movement and the Cold War.

Destroy all humans!  2: Still politically incorrect

And so we find hippies more silly and crouched than ever, and Russian agents accompany them in as vulgar fashion as possible. The whole thing presents us with a scenario that has no head and no tail and serves more as a pretext than a true story. Nothing surprising in itself: the destruction of all mankind! It always worked this way. So we appreciate that weird side that sometimes manages to get us some stifling laughs.

Destroy all humans!  2: Still politically incorrect

You will understand, destroy all humans! 2 Don’t reinvent the formula, but serve it up for us. By keeping his extraterrestrial DNA very special, the title will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the first hour, and will even manage to seduce some of them. But if you’re tight on that kind of tone, there’s no miracle in sight. This is not the only point that may alienate some people.

Destroy all humans!  2: Still politically incorrect

Yesterday’s science fiction

Destroy all humans!  2: Still politically incorrect

Although very well done facelifts, Destroy all humans! 2 is, like its predecessor, an aging game. From what we’ve seen, it retains the same flaws as the 2020 remake. The chapter build is still old and the yo-yo difficulty continues without much logic. Despite the improvements made to the weapons, some of them are still imprecise and the fights become confusing very quickly. However, at this level, we can’t blame the title for being stingy in content.

Destroy all humans!  2: Still politically incorrect

Among the weapons, powers, and stages on the ship, the title offers varied and rich gameplay. Whether it’s under the guise of Crypto or a hippie on a trip, surfing Bay City throughout this demo proves to be a lot of fun. So much so that we quickly forget the few technical and visual issues and leave ourselves to the various missions that the beginning of the game offers us. It remains to be seen if Destroy All Humans! 2 You will maintain that pleasant lightness breeze over time.

In short, if you’ve liked Destroy All Humans! You will undoubtedly appreciate this new address. After over an hour of playing, the result was really clear: The number 2 is placed on the right line of the number 1. There’s not much surprise on the horizon, except for the prospect of destruction that is larger and more ambitious than in the previous version. Regardless, the title rests on its laurels, but it does so well in order to provide an enjoyable experience for both the nostalgic and non-nostalgic fans.

As a reminder, destroy all humans! 2 – Reprobed for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series is scheduled for August 30th.

Destroy all humans!  2: Still politically incorrect

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