The Canadian will draft Wright, Slavkowski, or Cooley according to Alex Burroughs

Debate continues in Montreal: Who should pick Canadians first? Some say Shane Wright. For others, it is rather Slavkovsky, but some people believe in breaking out of this core. Well, Martin St. Louis assistant coach Alex Burrows made it clear that the choice would definitely be Wright, Slifkowski or Logan Cooley.

Burroughs made his announcement Friday night when he was on the JC Jean Charles Lagoy show.

“I watched Juraj Slafkovsky a little bit in the World Championships, but I didn’t watch it as much detail as the Scouts. I watched Shane Wright in the OHL Qualifiers quite a bit too, and I did the same with Logan Cooley. I imagine he would be one of those three players. They seem to be on every list. Scouts. Either way, he’s going to be a great player we’d pick and I look forward to working with him in September.” — Alex Burroughs on Jean-Charles Lajoie’s JiC Show on TVA Sports

It confirms what proponents believe. There will be a choice between the two favorites for a while, but now Logan Cooley is getting into the discussion. Coli is an interesting attack prospect. He has excelled with the USA development team in recent years. Last year, he scored 28 points in 27 games, which is far from bad, but this season he has surpassed this season with 36 points in just 24 games.

The problem here is that Cooley is not a natural scorer, but a playmaker, and if the Canadian gives him a try, he should play with Suzuki and Caufield to bring in another way to feed Caufield.

The good news is that whoever gets picked should have a bright future in the NHL. That should put some animosity in the air, Burroughs explains.

“I will do everything to be there. I remember the last game in Montreal. I had arranged to have it in the Canucks dressing room. With the first pick, there should be electricity in the air this year. It will be very exciting. Regardless of which player is to be selected, I’m sure he will be an excellent player who will help us in the future.” – Alex Burroughs on Jean-Charles Lajoie’s JiC Show on TVA Sports

Burroughs took the opportunity to explain the relief he felt when Martin St. Louis signed an agreement with the Canadians and confirmed his desire to keep the same coaching staff.

Now, we will continue to play the patience game until July 7. Although many scouts put one player ahead of another on their roster, Kent Hughes will have the final say when it comes to selection.

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