Anna and Arnaud: The difficult path of mother and son

Our view of homelessness will change thanks to the drama series Anna and ArnaudWhich ends today.

This is what Guylaine Tremblay and Nico Racicot, Anna and Arnaud believe in the novel Anna and the old man, by Francine Roel, which we have adapted for the small screen. In the 200-page book, the author tells her own story through the story of her son Etienne, recounting the turning point in the latter’s life after he was targeted by a free shooter. The young man’s fall is long and painful, even on the street and on heroin.

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What the actors realized by researching homelessness is that behind every homeless person – we don’t see or don’t want to see – there is a human as well as a story.

Just by evoking her character in an interview, Guylaine Tremblay struggles to hold back her tears, as she plays a woman on the brink, obsessed with her son’s descent into Hell. “You see how it’s not hard, huh, to cry,” she exclaimed before laughing.

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“It’s like an obsession, in the sense that Anna can never get rid of, even on a nice summer’s day with friends when she’s having a drink. Suddenly, there’s a sound, something reminding her that Arno is outside, and that she doesn’t know who he’s with, what he’s doing. Do people want Hurting him, is he taking drugs, is he taking bad steroids, is he going to die today?” the actress detailed.

By becoming a “fighter,” Anna postpones her career and life. For the actress, the challenge was to play this challenging journey, the impotence of a mother who struggles to savor the little pleasures.

Arno is also obsessed with consuming it. This throws mother and son, who love each other, into a nightmare, but for completely different reasons – and under completely different circumstances.

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Niko Rasikut searched several times to better understand his character. He evokes a “frustrating” and “humiliating” experience caused by the indifference of passersby. He says that Arnault, who had everything to succeed, “just lives”. “We see a man who doesn’t know how to ‘handle’ the cards he has been given,” he said on the sidelines of filming a scene in Beyerfunds, west of the island. Accompanying Arno in rehabilitation.

Screenwriter Francois Archambault (shooting stars), who talks about a funny and sometimes luminous drama series, met Francine Ruel’s son fifteen times.

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“In the novel, and she is so beautiful, she is so inward, we get into Anna’s thoughts and emotions. When I met Francine for the project, I told her it would also be interesting to have her son’s point of view. We did research on homelessness, we trusted ourselves, and in this In the process, I reconnected with Etienne, with whom I was able to meet,” Mr. Archambault said, adding that the author had read the scripts for the eight episodes of the Pixcom-produced series and that she had written him a script regarding Etienne’s path to feed the scenarios.

Guylaine Tremblay, who rubbed the shoulders of several of his playmates, says that “there will be a before and after for Nico Racicot” thanks to the role. “it’s disgusting!” The main interested party is returning the favor to him.

Director Louis Belanger (after deathAnd the gas bar jumperAnd the Highway 132) directed by the main cast, as well as Stéphane Jacques, Alexis Martin, and Marie-Helen Tybault.

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“I wanted to work for a long time with Guylaine who I love. Nico, he’s a discovery. I knew I could ask him about work, try things, and he has the wits to adapt,” he said, recalling that Arnaud had to play with a youthful vigor. Fade away in a second, due to drug addiction and street life.

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