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Innovative products and various programs have been introduced to advertisers and clients kibekor On the occasion of the MULTI2022 event.

Digital accessible to everyone
always ahead, Kibekor experience | The media It continues to make a name for itself in the digital world with its cutting edge suite of tools and products. In terms of freshness, advertisers were able to discover the QUB profile. With this job, the company is building one of the largest databases of Quebec profiles. With more than 650 audiences available and even tailored, advertisers can target their audiences with greater impact. Additionally, when it comes to targeting, DUO, the audience analysis platform that gathers all audience intelligence in one place, continues to stand out by offering superior audience understanding from the analyzed segments. The solution allows them to optimize their media purchases and create more strategic activations within the ecosystem. kibekor. TVA+ is growing and proving to be an interesting tool for advertisers who want to hit targets on major video streaming devices.

A program that highlights human and influential stories
In TVA, advertisers will find products in their image displaying their brand. The 2022-2023 program will see the winds of change blow in information, with Pierre Bruno retiring. Sophie Tybalt will succeed him at the helm VAT 5 pm While Pierre Olivier Zappa will take over the reins VAT 10 m. It’s Stephan Bureau’s return to TVA when he hosts the show the world is inverted Where unconventional discussions and opinions will take place.

Many human narratives will attract attention Anna and Arnaud Featuring Guylaine Tremblay. the hotelwill present the story of two characters who share a tough competition to manage a check and Undefensible Plunge into the judicial world of a defense attorney. Writers Anne Boyer and Michel d’Astous return with the series Mom. Many proven values ​​are back including the towerWith Gildor Roy in the cartoon, masked singersAnd the Revolution And the voice.

Specialized channels continue their momentum with distances With “Sarah Jane Labrousse”, Three times a day and you with Marilou or I love you big With Melissa Bedard and Christine Morency. The cooking show will keep many viewers impressed, in particular, with the arrival of a brand new cooking competition in Zeste the restaurant. As for LCN, the channel relies on accurate news that covers local and international news. Moreover, LCN stands out with nearly double the market share of its nearest competitor.

TVA Sports continues to be the sports events channel with the return of the NHL, MLB, MLS and WTA League matches, as well as NHL after the match And the GC. In terms of modernity, Blue pocket at noonHosted by Stefan Gonzalez and featuring collaborators Maxime Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse, it will appeal to sports fans.

A set of formats for natural and organic integrals
kibekor It also offers a range of high-performance formats. Outdoor advertising is growing in strength thanks to its ability to reach people in their neighbourhoods. Cumulatively, at least 25 billion pairs of eyes cross a network kibekor every year.

On the other hand, newspapers and magazines provide advertisers with a range of opportunities to reach targets from the comfort of their own home. Whether it’s through paid magazines that reach nearly 4.4 million readers in the country or through two daily newspapers kibekor Consulted in paper or digital form by approximately one in two Quebecers, advertisers have access to a variety of distinct environments related to different topics.

The media creative team also offers brand marriages to the greater advantage of advertisers. By taking an advertiser’s interests and goals and pairing them with the values ​​of a network brand, the team is able to weave a story between the two to deliver natural and organic strategic media alliances that reach their goals. For example, the Salut Bonjour team managed to add 750 embeds in the last year, making it the highest rate of commercial embeds on the network.

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