Dadonov vs. Webber: Vegas and Montreal had different issues to deal with

Is enough. it’s done. Shea Weber is no longer a member of the Montreal Canadiens. As a player (injured) and as a special recruit for General Motors Mark Bergvin Or a potential assistant coach if we fie / fie For rumors…

We can also stop saying it’s not there enough, Captain…

In return, the Canadian received the Russian winger Yevgeny Dadonov. we write yvgeny On the official NHL website, but the main interested party is useful i want you On Instagram…

What do I remember of this important transaction?

1. I wasn’t surprised when I learned that Xia Weber was traded yesterday… but I was surprised to find out it’s a That his contract went to Vegas, not Glendale. In the end, CH and the Golden Knights solved a different problem. The Golden Knights were capable Out $6.5 million real and $5 million accounting (more than one year) from their financial structure and since they would be aiming for great honors degrees in the short term – and that they had salary problems to iron out – that made their relationship. They will put Weber on LTIR Over the next four years, it will therefore be able to exceed the NHL’s salary cap by nearly $8 million. Additionally, Weber’s salary ($6 million over four years) is mostly guaranteed. The Canadian has no problem paying more real bucks if in the end a better hockey club gives him (in a few years).

CH bought herself accounting flexibility. He won’t have to anymore merchant with LTIR (who had a problem with a guy like Carrie Price who could end his career there) And since Dadonov will be eligible for full independence next summer, the Canadian will have more relaxed When it’s time to win. Because we agree, the goal will not be to make the playoffs in 2022-23. Dadonov, 33, will likely only play one year in Montreal… and it won’t be a great year collectively.

Best case scenario, Hughes will be able to sell Dadonov for the picks wow Of hopes for the next trade deadline. The Russian is not part of the team’s future plans but is expected to start the season at the big club.

In short, everyone wins because everyone has a different problem to solve. But CEO knights Will he find a Weber contract? Tired In a few years?

2. Dadonov traded the ducks this winter, in exchange for Ryan Kessler’s contract in particular. On the other hand, Anaheim was on the no-trade list. So the deal was cancelled, and Dadonov was forced to return to finish the season in Vegas. He even scored in overtime a few days after his comeback, heh.

Note that the ducks allowed themselves to cheat the Canadian a little once the deal was announced. It’s fair game.

3. At 33 years old, 5’11 and 185 pounds, Dadonov is a recognized winger more than anything else in his game with the puck. He is a southern man who prefers to play on the right. wings the top nineThere is a lot (too many?) in the Canadian, a team that won’t even target the playoffs in 2022-23 and will have to find a place for young players. Gallagher, Dadonov, Darwin, Hoffman, Coffield, Anderson, Jeremiah… It is clear that Kent Hughes will be making more trades in the coming weeks. He said it and did not hide it. It remains to be seen who will leave…

This does not include Paul Byron and his one-year contract (maximum $3.4 million).

4. The addition of Dadonov raised the salary cap for the 2022-23 season at the Canadians. Currently, Canadians will have a payroll of about $80.5 million (including bonus transfers and buybacks), $2 million less or less than the maximum salary ($82.5 million). But Alexander Romanov, Rem Petlik, Samuel Montembolt and at least one other striker should be added to this. amount. Montembeault, Pitlick and Romanov will become restricted free agents in July. Adding Dadonov is either related to another big deal coming up (Jeff Petrie?) or the end of a career for Carrie Price wow Paul Byron (LTIR). we will see.

5. Dadonov scored 43 points in 78 games in 2021-22 (Vegas). Since returning from Russia in 2017, he has only scored 20 goals or more in 2020-21. So we can expect around 20 goals and 25 assists next season.

6. Dadonov will likely wear number 63, the number he has worn with every NHL team. I will sometimes keep old memories of Matthew Becca, Andreas Ingqvist and Craig Darby, are…

7. The next captain must be chosen before the start of the next campaign. Options? Joel Edmondson, Nick Suzuki, Brendan Gallagher and Josh Anderson. I bet Edmundson for two years, then Suzuki after that.

Kent Hughes indicated last night that he will consult with Jeff Gorton, and art Device And the players to decide who will wear ” against “ on his jacket. In the end, he still had the last word.

He will succeed the next captain, Saku Koivu, Brian Gionta, Max Pasuritti and Shea Webber.

Finally: Welcome to Montreal, Evgeny (or Evgeny)!

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