The Canadians will play in New Brunswick and Newfoundland in October

There are still 2-5 games left in the 2021-22 qualifiers, but a lot of people already have their minds set on the 2022-23 season on Planet Hockey.

We can’t wait for the NHL Entry Draft to be held in Montreal on July 7-8…

And we all have Take a vacation About the date July 13 – the opening of the free agent market – in our calendar. Then comes the real off season in the NHL…

After that, training camps and the 2022-23 season will once again occupy our days and evenings of September. The wheel spins, as my ex-colleague used to sing at the time.

We know the NHL will start its season on October 11th and Kent Hughes has announced that the team will play eight pre-season games before this season. Eight is a lot (too many?)…

Returning to pre-COVID-19 life also comes with its annoyances.

The full NHL schedule – including the Canadiens schedule – will be revealed somewhere in July, but Clues/Information It will be released independently in drops and by then.

This morning, the NHL announced that Canadians and senators will meet in New Brunswick and Newfoundland during their pre-season schedule. The games will be held October 6 at the Steele Community Center in Gander, Newfoundland and October 8 at the JK Irving Center in Bucktosh, New Brunswick.

These matches have been planned for some time: Twillingate (Newfoundland) and Elsipogtog (New Brunswick) are Cities / Countries Winners of the 2020 and 2021 editions of the annual Kraft Hockeyville Competition. Remember that due to COVID-19, the 2020 and 2021 editions can never be submitted.

Steel Community Center Capacity And the of JK Irving Center is 1,100 supporters. It will probably be very difficult to get tickets for these show matches between CH and the meaning. #Shortage

It will be interesting to see which players from Canadians – not from the Rocket or from a junior or welcome team – will travel to the Maritimes. Since the team will be spending three (or more) days of camp away from Montreal, it’s a safe bet to have plenty of everyone on the trip. Unless we organize two round trips in a few hours?

Will the Senators bring their big guns? Will Carrie Price be on the trip?

In general, the Canadian plays four pre-season games at the Bale Center, and then four more games abroad. Will the remaining pre-season schedule consist of four games at the Bale Center and two more elsewhere not far from Montreal? This is possible…

But if the team decides to keep only two or three men in Montreal, no one will complain. These matches are generally used to collect more Cash Out of pocket for season ticket holders who must obtain tickets for them in order to secure their regular season tickets.

Many of

– New rules and a new scoring system during the preliminary round of the Anniversary Cup.

– The Sea Dogs had a (very) short match. morning skate This morning.

Sam Gagner in Toronto to please John Tavares?

The Haitian team with a flavor of Montreal.

Did David Lemieux retire?

Unfortunately, he will not face Artur Petribev Not Dmitriy Bevol in his next fight.

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