End of round two tonight, start of round three tomorrow

Today is May 30th. Finally, I’ll be able to cut my lawn in a couple of days…

Last Thursday, The Oilers managed to eliminate the Flames in just five minigames. The Battle of Alberta It won’t be as long and arduous as we all hoped.

Re-Call : Leon Driestel injured was a beast (17 points in five games), Conor McDavid (3 goals, 9 assists) was equal to himself and Mike Smith was excellent Better than Jacob Markstrom. This is it.

Therefore, we will qualify for a series between two defense-based teams in the Western Final. Two teams whose best players are in their mid-20s (or younger, in Cal Makar’s case).

Smith against. Comber…

Mac vs Mac…

Rantanin, Landeskoog, Kadri, Nesushkin, Johnson (X2) and Toews and to be against. Drysittel, Nogent Hopkins, Ken, Keith, Pulgojarvi, Nurse, Bouchard, Heyman, Xian, Yamamoto, kulaks

Who will have the upper hand over whom? Who would buy a place in the Stanley Cup Final?

Father (Dave) or son (Josh) Manson?

We will have the beginning of the answer tomorrow evening, while Edmonton series against. Colorado will open to Denver.

Note that Avalanche has not reached the Western Final since 2001, the date of the last Stanley Cup. Patrick Roy was the avalanche goalkeeper this year.

The Oilers haven’t gotten that far since 2006.

series of Homers

Tonight we will find out which team will face The Lightning (already on vacation for a week) in the Eastern Final.

The Hurricanes and Rangers will play their seventh (final) game tonight in Rallye. If the short-term past is a guarantee of the future (just like the short-term), hurricanes will triumph. why? Because since the start of this series, the home team has won each of the first six matches.

the worst! The Hurricanes also won all four of their games against the Bruins in Raleigh, and all lost in Boston.

In short, since the beginning playoffshurricanes show a record of 7-0 at home and 0-6 On the road. Do they really deserve to make it to the Eastern Finals? Is there no limit to betting the house ice advantage to move from one round to the next?

Note that the Rangers won Game 6 of their series against the Penguins in Pittsburgh in the first round.

If the Hurricanes win tonight, we’ll have the chance to see four former Canadians in the final series from the East: Max Dome, Gisbury Kotkanyemi, Mikhail Sergechev, and Sebastian Aho Corey Berry. Rangers only have Jared Tenordy and Keith Kincaid as ex-Canadians… And they don’t play. But the Rangers’ duel against Lightning will feature two Russian goalkeepers (much to the chagrin of some Quebec journalists who want to see all Russian athletes banned from the National Hockey League): Igor Shesterkin and Andrei Vasilevsky.

We all know that somewhere inside of him, Gary Bateman hopes to see Team New York in the final more than Team Carolina. Will the refereeing be a ‘home team’ as it happened yesterday in Finland?

This final eastern series should start on a Wednesday or Friday.

good news! Everything indicates that the four aces will give us offensive hockey in the NHL. But exactly when you expect something you get the opposite, you know…

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