Pierre Bruno | The departure of a reassuring voice

Viewers have no shortage of adjectives to describe Pierre Bruno: enlightening, passionate, strict, honest, gentleman, observant … but among this crowd of praiseworthy adjectives, one inevitably comes: reassuring.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

According to the audience, the veteran TVA anchor provides a “reassuring presence” on air. In the current state of the world, this is an important factor in explaining its huge popularity. And that’s one reason why many Quebecers are in mourning for his passing Thursday night, when he will retire after 46 years of loyal service.


Joëlle Barbeau, loyal viewer of Pierre Bruno, who retires after 46 years at TVA

Julie Barbeau, a devoted spectator who lives in Monterey, recalls many special moments in XXe And the twenty-firste Centuries she spent glued to her screen, Pierre Bruno was the only lantern. In an interview, she mentioned the Polytechnic massacre on December 6, 1989, in Montreal, and the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, in New York.

“It was a heartbreaking and touching moment, but he never broke down,” said the 58-year-old. I calmed down as soon as he appeared on air. I was sure I would have the right time. »

The same echoes with Louise Chartrand, who spoke of a “reassuring”, “attentive” and “conscientious” host. The resident of Broussard is not just a voracious spectator; She shouldered her shoulders with Pierre Bruno for fifteen years as a secretary in TVA’s news department, when he began his career in the mid-1970s.


Louise Chartrand worked alongside Pierre Bruno for fifteen years as a secretary in the news department of TVA.

“He’s a man who has handled his stress well,” the 85-year-old said by phone.

Pierre Bruno was TVA’s trusted man during the elections, and he also ran countless election nights.

For Richard Laberge, 75, the host is marked by a lot of “leadership” and “humanity.” In addition, his “radiophone” voice is “nice”, and his French voice is “flawless”.

“In ground-breaking political discussions, Mr. Bruno respects each of the participants,” stresses this San Bruno resident.

“Family Professional”

An unusual phenomenon, the popularity rating of Pierre Bruno has never declined, it is only increasing year by year. The VAT news At 6 p.m., it’s still Newsletter No. 1 in Quebec, according to Numéris. In all likelihood, the 70-year-old lieutenant colonel would have amassed 24e Artis Cup – and 12e Straight – last month if TVA did not choose to postpone the concert due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pierre Barrett, director of the School of Media at the University of Quebec in Montreal, says a number of factors explain the undeniable popularity of Pierre Bruno. Longevity is one of them.

“He is a very familiar character, confirms the television specialist. He has been part of the landscape for a long time. People can stick to him. The stacking effect plays a big role.”

Pierre Barrett also refers to the host’s “telegenics,” who describes the misfortunes of the world in a voice that he describes – unsurprisingly – as “reassuring.”

“He epitomizes the news in TVA, just as Bernard Derom embodies the news on Radio Canada, with his bold voice, with his sarcastic side, which is perhaps too clever to many people.”

Pierre Bruno is just the opposite. He is someone who conveys news with passion, warmth and benevolence. He is someone who captures the news with a kind of family professionalism that is second to none. He speaks directly to Mr. and Mrs. everyone, using the language they understand. He is someone we would like to be a father and a grandfather.

Pierre Barrett, Director of the School of Mass Communication at the University of Quebec in Montreal

Sure enough, Pierre Bruno’s personal story helped solidify his relationship with the public, Pierre Barrett believes. Obviously, we think of the death of Charles, his eldest son of 12 years, in 1988, after a long battle against leukemia.

After recovery, the journalist established the Charles-Bruneau Foundation in 1990, with the goal of providing children with cancer the best chance of a cure by funding research into pediatric hematology and oncology.

Pierre Barrett points out that “the big stars, the people with whom the public really relates, are usually people who are beyond the public sphere.” They’re not just TV characters: they’re human characters with a narrative one can identify with. That’s what happened with Mr. Bruno. He became an extraordinary personality by developing the Charles Bruno Foundation, and put all his energies into it. People liked her more then. »


Pierre Bruno in face to face From TVA, during the last federal election, in September 2021


Catherine Pepin, another viewer, can attest to the human qualities of Pierre Bruno. In 2018, her baby, 8-month-old Logan, developed cancer. When he was in remission, the businessman contacted the Charles Bruno Foundation to participate.

The first time I met Pierre Bruno was in 2021 during a dedicated activity, the CIBC Bike Tour. The 28-year-old had admired the announcer from afar since she was a teenager. And this time, you could be with him.

“I love her kindness, her smile, her availability, and her forgiveness,” says one Terbonne resident. I am so grateful to have an institution like Charles Bruno. I experienced the disease, but unlike Pierre Bruno, I did not lose my child. I find it powerful and inspiring to see someone get up and build something so incredible, despite the immense pain. With this foundation, thousands of children are saved every year. My love for Pierre Bruno – and for his wife Jeanette – is immense. »

Like many viewers, Catherine Pippin will witness a certain mourning in a few days, when Pierre Bruno bows from VAT news. According to her, this is a great loss for all Quebecers.

“Although he deserves to retire and have more time for himself, it is sad that he is leaving. It is a reference point that we are losing.”

Pierre Bruno will host his latest news bulletin on TVA on Thursday 16 June at 6 pm. However, he will return to his position at the helm of the TVA Leaders Debate next fall. He will also lead election night Quebec 2022.

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