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(Buffalo, NY) Kent Hughes was originally scheduled to leave the NHL Test camp on Wednesday. However, hopeful Logan Cooley, a name that sometimes appears as a potential first choice, had a date with Canadian Thursday for dinner. So it was odd that Hughes wasn’t there for dinner with a guy his team was evaluating.

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Clouds Lifrancois

Clouds Lifrancois

Hughes appears to have changed his plans. Instead, he left Buffalo during the Friday day.

Which explains why Cooley, at a news conference on Friday, named Hughes among the five guests at the table with him Thursday night. “It’s hard to guess what people will think, but the meeting went well,” said Coley stingy in detail.

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Juraj Slavkovsky

Juraj Slafkovsky, he was not qualified to dine with Habs. But late on Wednesday evening, he received a text message inviting him to an impromptu meeting with CH staff, he told us Thursday.

Slavkowski was one of six potential people who met the media on Friday afternoon in Buffalo, and of course the Canadian’s interest in him caused an uproar.

I think I’m interested in them. I may not have been invited to dinner, but the taste of our meeting was better than dinner!

Juraj Slavkovsky

This great Slovak winger has no tongue in his pocket. Slavkowski replied to a colleague asking him to respond to the comments of Shane Wright, who said he deserved to be the first choice next month: “That’s what he thinks. I think differently!”

His appreciation for Wright? “He’s a center. He can score, he can pass. There’s nothing I can’t do.”

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Shane Wright

On the contrary, Wright has always been praised for his great maturity, and he answered like a 30-year-old when asked about Slavkowski and Cooley. “They are two great players, they’ve had very good seasons, and they deserve all the success they’ve had,” he said.

The personal differences between the two are striking.

Wright didn’t hold back when it came to his level of intensity, which recruiters sometimes criticize.

Several teams asked me the question. Sometimes I said it might seem like I’m not skating, but my brain is, I think, methodical and trying to figure out the game in advance.

Shane Wright

Number 51 exudes a lot of seriousness, but still made the floor laugh when he went back to dinner with the Canadian. “I came to order, I was looking at the steak, but it was very expensive, about $60. And they said to me: ‘Bah, take it, it doesn’t matter!’ But I made sure it was ok before I ordered it!”

In the North American Central Scouting rankings, four of the five best prospects are listed as centers. The only exception: Cutter Gaultier, the American known as a left winger. However, he has indicated that he will play midfield next season at Boston College.

This can be a game-changer at the top of the table. The last time Canadians drafted a draft early (in 2018), the booze was weak in the middle. Gisbury Kotkanemi and Barrett Highton, third and fifth respectively, are slow to take off. This year, teams looking for a position will have no shortage of options.

One such center, Conor Geekie (the fifth comer in North America), comes from Strathclair, a village in Manitoba about 250 km from Winnipeg. “I didn’t have any strange questions in my interviews with the teams, but people reacted strong when I was asked about the people of my village.”

According to Statistics Canada, Strathclear had 709 residents in 2016, “but that’s in the municipality,” he said, adding that his small village has 137 residents.

“You didn’t have to play hockey there. I was lucky to have the keys to the ring. It’s obviously not the prettiest arena. I think there’s cattle inside now! But it definitely made me better.”

Finally, NHL central scouting director Dan Marr noted that striker Ivan Miroshchenko, 11,e European Hope, has successfully completed his treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma. “He was still receiving treatment in Germany during the Under-18 World Cup, so many teams were able to meet him there. He now has the green light to train at the start of next season,” Mar said.

Miroshnichenko has long been seen as an interesting prospect, but illness cut his season short.

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