The missile finds itself at the foot of the wall

LAVAL – Rocket caught the same trick he played the day before at the Springfield Thunderbirds, Saturday night at Place Bell.

The Canadian farm club squandered a two-goal lead and lost 3-2 in overtime in Game Five of the MLS Eastern Conference Final. He will now have to win two games on the road to qualify for the Final 4 of 7 in the AHL Playoffs.

James Neale threw a chill into the runway by firing a precision shot behind Kayden Primo at 18:35 of the fourth period. Comprising 42 saves the day before, Laval’s goalkeeper was once again Imperial in front of the opponent’s volley. On Saturday he was beaten at 47e The opponent’s shot on goal.

If Primo was busier than the goalkeepers in overtime, the Rocket came close to winning the duel. Danic Martel cut through the air in front of a wide open net and Jean-Sebastien Dea was frustrated by Charlie Lindgren upon his breakup.

Instead, Lindgren was generous against his former team in Game Two of the series, and was blameless upon his return to Laval. He made 25 saves, including a few that he smoked.

“It was still a tough match, it could have gone one way or the other. You have to have a short memory. Our goal now is to win the seventh game,” captain Xavier Ole said after the loss.

“I think we have a group that is very resilient. We’ve shown that throughout the year, we’ve always bounced back, and coach Jean-Francois Hoully encouraged us. It takes it one game at a time. Our guys do everything they can, give everything they can in every “A match. We have a good group and we don’t need to make big speeches. The guys know that, they’re ready. They want to win.”

“I don’t remember being 3-2 behind in a series, but one thing is for sure, we’re not going to give up, Rafael Harvey Benard promised, the two goalscorer. We’ll get there with the knife between the teeth. I don’t have experience at that level, but the guys in the locker room They own it and they will spread the news.”

Springfield tied the game less than five minutes before the end of the third half when Dakota Joshua’s shot hit a defender who acted as a screen. He was stubborn until then, Kayden Primo froze and couldn’t help but follow with his eyes the lame duck that hit him on his left.

Nathan Todd, who was also on a skewed shot, put the T-Birds into the score late in the second half.

“Yeah, offensively, they beat us with shots. When we had a one-goal lead, we stayed a little bit in our area, but we did really well, defended really well to try to get the victory, and he put it right. They had a goal, hit a stick and went in. And in the extra time, we had our chances.”

“We didn’t play our best game defensively, but we didn’t play too badly,” said Harvey Benard. They created a lot of traffic in our area and brought a lot of pucks into the net. The number of shots does not necessarily reflect our defensive style, but we can tighten the shots. »

Harvey Benard found the opponent’s net back in the fourth consecutive game. He has five goals during that time, having been disqualified in his first nine qualifying matches.

play with fire

On a mission since the start of the semi-finals, Rocket’s defensive specialists put in another perfect performance. The punitive killing led to the Thunderbirds being shut down on seven occasions. Springfield’s strong performance, which was 38% after the first two rounds, was restricted 25 times in five games.

Holly said he’s proud of the achievement, but doesn’t hide the fact that something’s bothering him: His team punishes a lot for his flair and fears they’ll end up burning if they keep playing with fire like this. However, its margin of error does not exist now.

On Saturday, veteran Alex Pelzel single-handedly committed three minor penalty kicks and a minor double kick.

“It’s been two games in a row, about three times, where we’ve taken six or seven penalties. That’s a lot, the coach denounced. We have to control our sticks, we have to control our emotions. Of course we talk about it and we know it’s not easy.”

“Of course playing doesn’t help much with shorthand,” Ouellet admits. It’s intense, it’s emotional and it fights guys hard. I don’t know if all the penalties are due, but you have to find a way to get off the bench. »

RHP doesn’t ring the bell, it opens the sign!

him again! Harvey Benard doubles the lead

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